Jakzjewelz Woodland Whimsies- Preorder Closed -

(in stock NOW: Sage, Please check my Etsy for full sets or OOAK Parsley, Sage and Blossom).


Woodland Whimsy ball jonted dolls, Limited edition 32 each (contact me) jak@jakzjewelz.com.

Substancial adorables are nearly 12 inches tall and weigh 1 pound each.
Cast in resin with hand painted faces.

With doe eyed innocence they come out of their forest homes bringing personality plus wherever they go.

(Reference ~ clothing size ~ Tonner Patsy and Ann Estelle patterns will work for the Whimsy (not mini dresses- midlength works better). Shoes sold for 13 inch Betsy Mccall fit the Whimsies

Woodland Whimsy- Pre-Oreder closed




(Available in stock- order below or check Jakz on Etsy)


Sage Options

Chervil (preorder closed)

Blossom (pre-order closed)

Blossom (preorder closed)

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premium quality, resin ball jointed doll - Available in stock now

Fashion and Fun are the motto for youthful Jewel. She enjoys photo shoots and dressing up.
Jewel can transition her age by years just from outfit choice as any fashion pixie will tell you.
She loves to travel, her size and weight make her an ideal fashion companion.

Face-up, extra feet, feet changing tool, glass eyes, limited edition card - all included !!

Height- 14 inches high heel feet 13.50 inches in her regular feet
Head- 6.25 inches around wig size (6-7) or (5-6 in the Monique synthetic wigs)
Eye size - 12 mm
Chest -5.50 inches
Waist- 4 inches
Hip size - 6 inches
Leg length - 7 inches flat foot
Arm to wrist - 4 inches
Hand-1.25 inch
Flat foot length - 1.75 inch long
**Face-up is included with your Jewel.**
Jewel comes with flat standing feet and high hee lfashion feet- which fit in wider toe 16 inch fashion doll shoes (ref. example - some Tonner Ellowyne, Antoinette size shoes). (Jewel is approx 1/2 inch taller in her high heel foot)

(conundrum)--- you choose---

Jewel Citrine and Diamond -in hand limited numbers

(Sold Out on site offered rest of edition on Etsy or Ebay)

Jewel Price USD $320.00 lt skin tone // 350.00 sunkissed skintone ~~~~~~ Shipping USA - 18.00
Shipping overseas - 60.00

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Tulle for Jewel (click on the photo below to make a tulle skirt for Jewel- use back to return)

Jewel Gossamers Fashion page, Wigs and Shoes - click here - use back to return

Lierre light tan (Sold Out)

16 inch (Limited to 32) b.j.d.

limited to 32



Lierre le'creme edition (Sold Out)


Lierre Dark Tan edition (Sold Out)



Casimira Pre-Order (closed)

Resin bjd artist doll- Brand new sculpt.

Limited 24 ea -

One sculpt - 2 face choices

Casimira Regency girl (closed)


Casimira French girl limited to 24 pieces (Out Of Stock)

  • Resin skin color - milk white
  • height 17 inches tall
  • wears 16mm eyes
  • wears size 8-9 wig
  • Pre Order -CLOSED :

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    "Evianna" msd light green skintone

    sold out

    (vine below custom painted by Angel Toast )

    (Closed edition limited to 32 dolls)

    16 inch bjd, with sculptured relief body vine,

    She comes with - face-up, hand painted body vine, glass eyes, L.E. card, custom box.

    "Evianna" msd normal skin tone

    sold out

    Closed Edition (limited to 36)

    16 inch bjd, with sculptured relief body vine.

    She comes with face-up, hand painted body vine, glass eyes, L.E. card, custom box included.

    (wigs, clothing, other props are not included)


    "Eve" msd -Normal skin tone

    sold out

    Closed Edition (limited to 36)

    Wig Page tempoarily closed - Check Jakzjewelz on Ebay